The MeshPower team combines electrical engineering excellence with the expertise of Google. The majority of our employees studied together at London’s prestigious Imperial College where they were instrumental in a non-profit organisation designing and operating energy kiosks across East Africa called e.quinox. They teamed up with Gerald Aigner, one of the original Googlers, to act as an angel investor and chairman. The company’s rapid expansion has brought new talent from the City and another senior engineer who originally worked at Google.

Richard Mori


Richard was Finance Chair of student-run energy access non-profit e.quinox. After finishing his Mechanical Engineering Degree, he joined MeshPower in 2013, splitting his time between the UK and Rwanda. Over the years he’s worked across disciplines, including: launching MeshPower’s Rwandan operations, building out its manufacturing and supply chain, analysing data and fundraising.

Lukas Lukoschek


After studying Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London, Lukas co-founded MeshPower. Prior to MeshPower, Lukas was technical head for e.quinox, a non-profit organisation working on renewable energy projects in East Africa. Lukas currently manages MeshPower's operations in Rwanda.

Charith Amarasinghe


Charith leads the technology development at MeshPower company. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Charith has been Inseparable from his soldering iron and keyboard from an early age. He is passionate about applying technology to solve the world’s problems and continues to find reasons to improve our technologies and build cool new products for our customers.

Gerald Aigner


A co-founder of MeshPower, Gerald Aigner is currently involved in exploring renewable energy and wireless technologies. Previously, Gerald was an early employee at Google, responsible for Google's data-centre infrastructure until 2003. In 2004, Gerald founded Google's Zurich Engineering office. Gerald architects the networking and software architecture that underpins the MeshGrid system while simultaneously providing strategic support as the Chairman and Chief Investor of MeshPower.